Best breakfast recipes you should try

Best breakfast recipes you should tryWe all know that breakfast is a vital meal of the day. Therefore, try as much as possible to make it unique, special and delicious. Starting your day with the right breakfast recipe will keep you fully satisfied throughout the day. Many researchers have been done and proven that those who skip their morning breakfast tend to eat a lot for lunch and will always crave for sugary and fatty food. Healthy breakfast recipe will boost your body metabolism and will fuel you for the rest of the day.

Burrito for breakfast
It will help you jump-start you day fuel with energy. Breakfast burritos are easy, simple to prepare and delicious. The protein present in the egg and black beans are nutritious. They will keep you satisfied much longer. Scramble two eggs and add ΒΌ cups of black beans. Mix it with 2 teaspoon of cheese and salsa to make it more appetizing and flavoring. It is good to use egg whites than regular eggs because of minimal fat and cholesterol intake.

Fruit, Yogurt and Smoothie
Yogurt is rich in protein and calcium good for bone development. Plain yogurt is better than fruit flavored ones because of low sugar level. Smoothies are great, delicious and easy to prepare. Mix it with fruits and veggies. Smoothie recipe entails mixing a cup of plain yogurt with either blueberries or bananas or milk or juice. Eating this food for breakfast will keep you full.

Baked oatmeal
Oatmeal in the morning will provide you with all the nutrients and energy you require to handle your daily events. You can either mix either blueberries or apple oatmeal cakes or banana. It is ideal for breakfast because of the omega 3, 6, and high in fiber making you full and satisfy throughout your morning. Serve it with coffee, tea or milk.

Egg scramble and cheese
Eggs and cheese are rich in calcium and vitamin D, which is essential for combating osteoporosis as well as keeping you full.

Buttermilk apple pancakes:
One way of starting your day is by making buttermilk apples pancakes. The recipe will keep you going for much longer. This is because of the lactic acid present in apples, which will trigger the pancreases to produce insulin, which will inhibit and control the production of blood sugar. For that reason you will not feel hungry much faster.

Omelet for breakfast is great and delicious and it will keep you going throughout the day. One egg omelet is rich in protein. You can mix it with blueberries or a teaspoon of honey. Blue berries are rich in antioxidant good for boosting brain functions. Drink with tea or coffee. Mushroom omelet is another option. Yolks are low in cholesterol.

Muffins with blueberries recipe
Muffins are healthier, and serving them with yogurt, milk, or tea for breakfast will keep you going. You can make muffins using mashed apples, sweet potatoes and bananas. The diet will be healthy and all natural. Enrich them with blueberries or cherries for extra nutrients and sweetness. Muffins are low in fat thus ideal for breakfast. Eating them you will be starting your morning in a super healthy way.

Almond butter pancakes
These kinds of pancakes are tasty and healthy. When baking them you do not need to add extra oil for frying. Blend them with eggs, almond butter and applesauce. Mix both the ingredients in a bowl to come up with a smooth batter. Bake them until golden brown for ten to 15 minutes. Serve while hot with fresh juice.

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