Simple recipes for making eggs for breakfast

Simple recipes for making eggs for breakfastHaving something to eat for your breakfast can work in changing your whole day. Breakfast is essential in providing the body and the brain with fuel after the whole nights fast.

Apart from providing you with energy essential for the day, breakfast is a good source of some important nutrients like calcium, B vitamins, iron, fiber and protein. The body has to get the nutrients and if they happen to miss in the breakfast heir compensation in the rest of the day will be hard. Fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals and therefore it’s good to include a good amount into your breakfast diet.
Having eggs for breakfast is important as they will provide you with the protein and some minerals you require. The following recipes are good for quick eggs preparation for breakfast.

– Make an easy egg pancake

To make an egg pancake whisk 2 eggs together alongside some finely chopped onions or garlic. Add some spices of your choice. Pour the mixture into a warmed greased pan. Ensure that the mixture is a ¼ inch thick. You have to cook the mixture until its set at the bottom and you can easily lift without breaking. You will need to flip over for the other side to cook. Remove the egg pancake into a plate and top with some salsa and sour cream, pancake syrup or whipped cream and fruit. Topping the pancake remains a choice.

– Poached eggs

A poached egg is light with a creamy texture. Poached eggs never require addition of any fats and therefore remain essential for people following a reduced fat diet. Poaching an egg requires you to boil an inch of liquid. Then crack the egg into the liquid. You should gently let the egg slide out of the shell to avoid breaking the shell. This will avoid the breakage of the yolk or the liquid splashing.

You can poach an egg in plain water, some sweetened water, in watery food like spinach or in some milk. Simmer the egg for some minutes until the egg white is set and the yolk fit to your preferred consistency.
Incase you choose to use canned spinach, empty the can including the juice into a pot and bring it to a simmer. Then gently crack your preferred number of eggs into the pot but leaving a space between each egg. Simmer the eggs to cook using a pot lid to speed up the cooking. The egg whites will take more of the green color of spinach.

– Cook with bread

Warm a dry pan and then grease it. Take a cup, invert it on each slice of bread, and make a hole at the center. You can take the centerpiece and store for use with something else. Lay the bread piece at the middle of the greased pan and crack an egg right at the center of the hole. The egg will expand slowly to fit to the hole and will adhere to the edges of the cut bread.

When the egg is set on one side flip both the bread and egg over for the other side to cook. Serve on a plate. You may choose to serve with syrup on one side.

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